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Horny Lily here .. obviously! It's April 1st. I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone a happy and great new year! We are going to make 2024 great and wonderful! One stroke at a time 😉 I wanted to go over a few things! So that all my fans are on the same page as me. Started from today i will be on a strict schedule. I want everyone to get a chance to see me live. I am regularly available on Charurbate for my fans on specific time. If you people like to have chat with me on Chaturbate then contact me and I will tell you time so catch me up.


I wanna take this opportunity to thank and virtually hug y’all! You guys have shown support and love to me since day 1. My fan base and popularity has been increasing so much, I am really humbled and GRATEFUL!

( OMG! I just created my twitter page in Oct of this year lol.. Oh well :) Thank you so much for showering so much love on me. I feel blessed.


Horny Lily on Facebook wow! Yes I am on Facebook where I cna fullfill you sexual fantasy and answer all your question about me and my private life. I am a gorgeous Indian girl, join and let me bring you the colourful world of your fantasies! I am fresh, sweet, funny, hot, tell me what dreams you have? Do you think I`m attractive? Well then you should see me better... I will totally blow your mind

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It's fun to have your own blog sites where you can talk/write whatever you want, but the first blog is always the hard ones lol. This week has been a busy busy week because we are still keeping up with the whole new site launching thing. Contact me with your comments and suggestion.